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    Housing Funding

    • 34.4 million funded

    Hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes to Katrina. The $34.4 million commitment by QKF to rebuilding housing helped in rebuilding homes, restoring homeless shelters, and paying rent. $25.2 million for Habitat for Humanity Fund name: Operation Home Delivery Objective: Provide funding to support long-term recovery of region; provide affordable homes for Katrina victims.

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    Healthcare Funding

    • 27.4 million funded

    Hurricane Katrina devastated healthcare infrastructure leaving thousands of people without access to medical services. The $27.4 million commitment by QKF to healthcare projects provided immediate relief, supported new community health care centers and mobile healthcare units, and provided financial aid to hospitals. $10.8 million for Memorial Hospital of Gulfport, Mississippi

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  • Education

    Education Funding

    • 38.2 million funded

    Getting students back to class in the aftermath of Katrina was difficult due to the financial struggles faced by many of the student’s families. The $38.2 million commitment by QKF to education provided students with scholarships, helped build university facilities and community centers. $17.5 million for Xavier University Fund name: Qatar Katrina Fellowship Fund and

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