38.2 million funded

Education Funding

Getting students back to class in the aftermath of Katrina was difficult due to the financial struggles faced by many of the student’s families. The $38.2 million commitment by QKF to education provided students with scholarships, helped build university facilities and community centers.

$17.5 million for Xavier University

Fund name: Qatar Katrina Fellowship Fund and College of Pharmacy

Objective: Establish scholarships for students affected by Katrina; finance construction and expansion of College of Pharmacy facilities.
Results: Provided scholarships to 497 students; built new 60,000-square-foot Qatar Pharmacy Pavilion.

$10 million for Tulane University

Fund name: Qatar Tulane Scholars Fund

Objective: Revive enrollment at Tulane by providing full scholarships to students most affected by Katrina.
Results: Provided 180 scholarships to students in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi who suffered losses from hurricane. 85% of students returned to finish school year after Hurricane Katrina.

$5 million for Boys & Girls Clubs of the Gulf Coast

Fund name: Boys & Girls Clubs of the Gulf Coast

Objective: Rebuild Boys & Girls Club community center destroyed by Katrina.
Results: Built 28,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art Qatar Center next to new elementary and middle schools. 1,300 youths served at Qatar Center each day.

$1.4 million for Loyola University

Fund name: Qatar Loyola Scholarship Fund

Objective: Provide scholarships to students directly affected by Katrina.
Results: Provided scholarships to 184 students affected by hurricane; some scholarships for multiple years.

$3.3 million for Louisiana State University

Fund name: Katrina Student Relief Fund

Objective: Establish fund for students in financial need after Katrina.
Results: Provided 1,367 scholarships to students for tuition and room and board during their degree. 2,700 displaced students temporarily accepted at LSU after Katrina.

$1 million for Humanity First USA

Fund Name: Repair of Religious Places in Greater New Orleans

Objective: Repair religious places heavily damaged by Katrina.
Results: Restored and reopened three mosques and three schools, allowing Muslim residents to return to their communities. 25,000 square feet of class, gym, and multipurpose space in new Islamic School of Greater New Orleans.

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