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27.4 million funded

Healthcare Funding

Hurricane Katrina devastated healthcare infrastructure leaving thousands of people without access to medical services. The $27.4 million commitment by QKF to healthcare projects provided immediate relief, supported new community health care centers and mobile healthcare units, and provided financial aid to hospitals.

$10.8 million for Memorial Hospital of Gulfport, Mississippi

Fund name: Qatar Hope Fund

Objective: Cover health-care services that patients or insurance companies could not pay after Katrina. Between 2004-2006, 32.2% of low-income residents had no medical insurance.
Results: Funded health care for thousands of uninsured patients affected by hurricane. In the US News ratings of 2014-2015, the Memorial Hospital of Gulfport was awarded the 2nd highest performing regional hospital in costal Mississippi.

$5.3 million for Children’s Hospital of New Orleans

Fund Name: The Qatar Cares Fund and Kids First Clinic

Objective: Help cover medical care for children affected by Katrina; repair, renovate, expand, and purchase equipment for two Kids First clinics in damaged low-income neighborhoods.
Results: Supported 19,379 pediatric patient visits; Kids First clinics saw 18,282 patients.

$3 million for March of Dimes

Fund name: March of Dimes Mom & Baby Mobile Health Centers

Objective: Purchase, equip, and staff three mobile medical units to provide prenatal and early pediatric care for mothers and children affected by Katrina. 24% of women in Louisiana are uninsured at the time of pregnancy and 15% of births in Louisiana are premature
Results: Supported thousands of mothers and children forced to relocate to temporary housing or relief shelters, without access to medical care or public transportation. In 2013, March of Dimes gave 382 research grants to help prevent and treat premature births

$5 million for Tulane University Community Health Centers

Fund Name: Community Health Centers

Objective: Expand and sustain Tulane University Community Health Centers; purchase mobile medical unit for neighborhoods hit hardest by Katrina.
Results: Created new community health centers and mobile medical unit that provided more than 50,000 consultations with low-income patients. At a 20% annual growth rate, 20,000 patients were served by the Community Health Centers Today, there are now 8 community health sites owned and operated by Tulane University

$3.3 million for Coastal Family Health Center

Fund name: Qatar Katrina Health Care Assistance Fund

Objective: Cover health-care services that patients or insurance companies could not pay; staff a mobile health-care unit for neighborhoods hit hardest by Katrina. 51% of Coastal Family Health patients are uninsured and receive discounted medical care based on family size and income.
Results: Restored primary medical care for thousands of uninsured Mississippi residents; staffed a mobile medical unit.

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