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34.4 million funded

Housing Funding

Hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes to Katrina. The $34.4 million commitment by QKF to rebuilding housing helped in rebuilding homes, restoring homeless shelters, and paying rent.

$25.2 million for Habitat for Humanity

Fund name: Operation Home Delivery

Objective: Provide funding to support long-term recovery of region; provide affordable homes for Katrina victims.
Results: 338 Habitat homes funded by Qatar Katrina Fund: 176 in Louisiana, 124 in Mississippi, and 38 in Alabama.

$2.5 million for Tremé/Lafitte Renewal Project

Fund name: Restoration of Homes

Objective: Restore homes for low-income residents in historic Tremé/Lafitte neighborhood so long-time residents and community leaders could return.
Results: Repaired 100 homes, helping increase neighborhood recovery rate for owner-occupied housing to 88% by 2010. 12.5% increase in owner-occupied residences because of Katrina reconstruction.

$3.1 million for Neighborhood Housing Services

Fund name: Home Ownership Assistance Program

Objective: Provide subsidies to low-and moderate-income Katrina victims to buy affordable housing in New Orleans.
Results: Provided loans, financial counseling, and courses to 120 first-time homebuyers.

$2 million for UNITY of Greater New Orleans

Fund name: Repair of Residential Facilities for the Homeless

Objective: Repair housing units for homeless and disabled victims of Katrina. 30 UNITY buildings damaged by Katrina.
Results: Repaired 11 housing facilities, serving over 800 homeless and disabled residents. 2,051 homeless people in New Orleans in 2005; 11,619 in 2007; 9,200 in 2011; 1,981 in 2014.

$1.6 million for The National Housing Partnership Foundation

Fund name: Rental Housing Assistance

Objective: Establish rental assistance for low-and moderate-income victims of Katrina; renovate rental units; expand availability of affordable housing.
Results: Provided monthly rental subsidies to 373 families in damaged Louisiana communities, reducing financial burden and allowing hurricane victims to return home.

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